Warriors Episode I:
The Legacy of the Prophecy Code
Developer(s) Anthony "Bigace360" Clark
Publisher(s) Warriors Entertainment Studios
Release date(s) Demo: TBA

Full-Game: Underdevelopment

Genre Role-playing game
Maker RPG Maker XP
Game modes Single player
Ratings Mature
Platform(s) PC
Official website

Warriors Episode I: The Legacy of the Prophecy Code is a role-playing game and the first of the Warriors series. The game runs on RMXP which is a Enterbrain built engine.


As with most of RPG's, the player characters will level, gain skills, cast magic, Limit Breaks, and fight monsters.

Characters DevelopmentEdit

In order to gain levels, the player must defeat enemies in battle to earn Experience Points (EXP). Only alive members receive EXP from felled opponents. Certain bosses like the Occuria give no EXP.

Skills and Magic are one of the three principal forms of attack in the series; the other being physical attacks. Although the specific features of the ability system vary significantly from game to game, many concepts have remained consistent throughout the course of the series.

Battle SystemEdit

Warriors Episode I uses the Conditional Turn-Based Battle (CTB) system similar to Final Fantasy X’s battle system. At its most basic, CTB is a turn-based system, which does not operate in rounds; the order of the turns does not guarantee each participant in a battle will have an equal number of turns. The system is distinguished from Active Time Battle system by the fact that when a character's turn begins, all action stops while the player decides upon an action. This shifts the focus from reflexes and quick decision-making to strategy and careful planning. The player is also able to change characters on the go during battle.

A Reiryoku Drive is Warriors Episode I’s version of Limit Breaks. Reiryoku Drives are powerful attacks which can be utilized when a character's Reiryoku Drive bar has been filled. While some abilities can be shared between all characters, each character also has their own Overdrive skillset that can be learned by beating certain bosses or acquiring skill scrolls from chest. The Blitz drive is also added which requires button inputs to increase their effectiveness.

Ammunition Requirements: Characters that use guns in the game require the player to buy ammunition at the market in order to use their weapons. Ganjutsu skills also require bullets to execute them.

Game SystemEdit

  • New Game+ - Essentially, once you beat the game, you can then use this option to restart the game with all your items and skills from the previous file.
  • Full-Screen Mode – Full Screen selection before title screen.
  • Skip Scene – Allows for scenes to be skipped.
  • Day/ Night and Weather System – During normal game play, the game has a night and day while during certain areas have different weather effects.
  • Save / Teleport Crystals - Save points come in the form of Save Crystals that come in two colors; blue, the standard Save Crystal, and orange, a Gate Crystal that can also teleport the player to other Gate Crystals. A total of nine Save Crystals take the form of Crystalbugs, monsters that attack once the player inspects the crystal. Upon defeat, they turn into real Save Crystals.
  • Skill Shops – A shop where you buy skills for a designated character.
  • Crafting – A system that allows for creating or upgrading items in the game.
  • Banking – Unlike most RPG’s where you gain money every time you defeat an enemy, in Episode I the player must sell items in order to gain money. Addition to that the player has a bank account where they gain interest during the story mode. The player can also create an interest bond while using the banking system.
  • Quest Log – NPC’s may ask for your help with more mundane matters. All side quests are optional, but completing them is a good way to earn EXP, Party SP, (occasionally) rare item rewards.
  • Bazaar - The Bazaar is a special shop menu in Warriors Episode I. Whenever a player sells enough quantities of certain loot, new items will become available. The bazaar can be accessed from any shop, and all item quantities sold are carried over to every shop. Some of the game's strongest armor can only be obtained here.

Field SkillsEdit

  • Harvesting – Allows you to harvest items at harvesting points.
  • Jumping – some areas in the game allow the player to jump to.
  • Mining – Allows you to mine ores at mining points in caves and tunnels.
  • Rock Smash – Allows the player to shatter breakable walls
  • Sprinting – The player gains a short burst of energy
  • Stealth – Allows you to hide from enemies on the field for a limited time.
  • Swimming – Allows the player to swim in some the water sources.
  • Trap Evasion - Reduces the amount of damage taken from traps on the field.

Mini GamesEdit

  • Susanoo Olympic Colosseum - The Battle Colosseum is a recurring feature of the Warriors series. Inside, party members fight monsters for cash and item prizes. The Arena houses a sidequest that is used for both storyline purposes and is available after storyline events, Chapter 4 – Act III: The Crystal of Light.
  • Celestial Weapons - Each playable character in the game has their own distinctive Ultimate Weapon, which require some hard work and traveling to acquire.
  • Fishing - Player can fish for prizes or just gain food for their journey saving money from actually having to buy any.
  • Lightning Dodging - Player must dodge lightning bolts in the Thunder Plains.


Immerse yourself in a world that has been devastated by war for many centuries. Onogoroshima, Onogoro Island, is an entire geographical continent in the world of Expel that consists of five major countries though only small regions of each are explored. Geographically the continent consists of a large body mass with eight mini islands off the west coast. Most of the continent is particularly mountainous while other parts are rolling plains, deserts, or forests.

The map shows the continent once under control of many countries, but now mostly under the control of the Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, and Uzume Empires. The Continent is populated by humans that are based off Japanese Shinto mythology. There also consist of two other realms which are two foci points of the story; Yomi, which is the Japanese version of hell, and Takamagahara, a realm where the powerful kami of Japanese mythology live.




In the beginning of Onogoroshima History, centuries before the founding of city states, it was an age of endless war between multiple clans and then there existed the God of Evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Mikaboshi plagued the world of despair and chaos until the Great Sage appeared and defeated him then sealed him within Yomi, which he was praised as a god by virtue of his victory. After evil kami’s defeat, the Sage travelled throughout the world, spreading his ideas and religion, and the art of magic. His great deeds and true desire to bring peace to the war-torn world made him widely known as the Savior of this World.

Although he had successfully sealed Mikaboshi, his power was so great that the god could rise again. Aware of this, the Sage used his ability known as Creation of All things to divide his spiritual energy into fourteen spiritual beings, and then sealed them into seven elemental crystals and seven sacred items. At his death bed, he gave his seven children and their descendants the power to wield each of the Occuria’s to use against Mikaboshi when he is resurrected. The Sage would leave behind a tablet for his descendants, detailing his own history with the Kami how to defeat him when the time comes.

The Sage's ultimate wish to establish peace throughout the world was a goal that could never be achieved within his lifetime alone. By the time of the formation of countries on Onogoroshima, the Elemental Crystals were handed down to five major countries, while the Light and Dark crystals were lost in the sands of time.


For Centuries, a war between the Amaterasu Empire and the other Great Empires have waged on over land and power, leaving most of the small countries in their paths only to be swallowed up by the war. As war looms on the horizon again, the mighty Amaterasu Empire begins another campaign to subjugate its remaining neighbors. After the Empire of Sarutahiko’s fell, only the Susanoo and Tsukuyomi Empires stands in their way, and it is here that our hero’s tale begins.

In a fight for peace, fallen royalty and unlikely allies must struggle to fight for their homeland. Trace the mysteries behind a thousand year old war and unmask the players in a drama of justice and betrayal.


Warriors Episode I feature eight playable characters, who are slowly assembled when their journey is just in the beginning stage. One character becomes the major antagonist through majority of the story before returning to the hero’s side later in the story. There are also eight temporary characters that join the party during the course of the game during only certain events. Although the game focuses on each of the playable characters equally, Andre Hariken is the main character of the game. The main playable characters are all human.

Main Playable CharactersEdit

  • Andre Harikēn (ハリケーン  安度鳳, Harikēn Andore) is the main protagonist of the game and the hero of Light. An orphan of the once powerful Empire of Sarutahiko, he lives his life now training to avenge his fallen Empire by joining the military that saved his life. He has always dreamt of someday becoming a Commander of his own division and being able to defend what he loves from whatever evil he must face, whether it’s the Amaterasu Empire or his teacher.
  • Masahiro Shurui (種類  正博, Shurui Masahiro) is Andre’s closest friend and a soldier in the Tsukuyomi Empire. Like Andre, he is also an orphan from the Empire of Sarutahiko who lost his family during the 3rd Continental War that took place before the game’s event. Masahiro trains alongside Andre in order to help finish the war against Amaterasu to create peace. He is the hero of Wind.
  • Kisuke Aburame (油女  喜助, Aburame Kisuke) is a cool and sophisticated wanderer on the run from his past. He was once one of the Amaterasu’s Judges, but later left after he learned of the direction the Amaterasu Empire was taking. When he first meets Andre, he is a wanderer who prefers to remain outside of politics, making his living off of whoever has the most for the taking. He is often calm and collected and possesses vast talents such as calculated reasoning. He is the hero of Thunder.
  • Sophia Fūma (風魔  素扶維安, Fūma Sofia) is the ninth division 2nd seat Captain and the hero of Water. As a member of the Ninth Division, she specializes in white magic and has knowledgeable on health related matters in all of Tsukuyomi only behind her Commander General in power and skill.
  • Yūjin Brian Sarutobi (ユージン  武来安  猿飛, Yūjin Buraian Sarutobi) is a disgraced Commander General, who wants to protect his homeland Tsukuyomi at all cost. He was branded as a traitor when he was framed for being a spy and planning a coup d'état to overtake the emperor, while also losing his spiritual energy during the Battle at the Forbidden Desert. Although he was clear of his crimes committed by the ex-commander Māshu, his loss of power had him demoted from his rank. He is the hero of Earth.
  • Hitomi Higure (日暮れ  瞳, Higure Hitomi) is one of Andre’s childhood friend and rival, Nel’s twin sister, and the hero of fire. Her other friends are Sakura and Sayuri which, along with Nel, makes her four women crew. She has a very determined personality, never giving up on whatever she has set her heart on accomplishing, and is very agile and battle fit. She also appears to have a calm personality to her friends, but becomes serious in grave situations.
  • Neji Orochi (大蛇ネジ, Orochi Neji) is the prince of the Orochi Clan and a 2nd Seated Captain of the fifth division of the Tsukuyomi Military. Like Hitomi, Neji is first encountered early during the Fourth Division exams but doesn’t join the party until much later in the game. A man of mystery, he has a brash attitude, although he does develop feelings of friendship with the entire party. Neji is the only non-magical main character of the party.
  • Sehyung Senju (セアン 千手, Sehiungu Senju) was once a Commander General of the Fourth division who was the youngest person attained the rank at the age of 15 due to his brains and natural talent as a gifted prodigy and leadership abilities. His quick thinking allows him to remain calm and analyze situations carefully. Sehyung’s reason for joining the Military was to try to end all human war conflicts. However his reasoning for defecting towards the demon side was unknown, leading to Andre mindset to find and save his friend from the darkness. He is the last party member to join the party late in the game and is the hero of darkness.

Temporary CharactersEdit

  • Captain Shin (真, Shin) is a temporary playable character and one of the Royal Captain guards that protect the Empress from harm.
  • Emperor Yoshio Saionji (西園寺 義雄, Saionji Yoshio) is a temporary playable character and the God-Emperor of the Tsukuyomi Empire. He’s also called a professor due to his mastery of many combat abilities and his vast knowledge of skills, purportedly knowing all the techniques within Tsukuyomi.
  • Kasumi Takahashi (高橋 霞, Takahashi Kasumi) is a temporary playable character and one of Hitomi, Nel, and Sayuri’s best friends and an expert swordsman. Kasumi is one of the Lieutenants of the 4th Division of the Tsukuyomi Empire.
  • Nel Higure (日暮れ ネル, Higure Neru) is a temporary playable character and Hitomi’s twin sister and one of the Lieutenants of the 4th Division of the Tsukuyomi Empire.
  • Sakura Kaguya (かぐや 小百合, Kaguya Sakura) is a temporary playable character and one of the Captains of the 4th division.
  • Sayuri Fūma (風魔 小百合, Fūma Sayuri) is a temporary playable character and one of the Captains of the 9th Division, who excels in healing and supporting magic. Though not as good as her older sister Sophia, Sayuri can still expert none the less. She’s also best friends with Kasumi, Nel, and Hitomi.
  • Takashi Inuzuka (犬塚 孝, Inuzuka Takashi) is a temporary playable character and one of the Captains of the 4th division.
  • Rin Nakamura (中村リン, Nakamura Rin) is a temporary playable character and the 7th Division Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Empire.

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

  • Rikken Abe:The new Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Military's 1st Division (Magic Division) during chapter 3. Previously he was the 2nd Seated Captain until promotion.
  • Shido Reinzu: The Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Military's 2nd Division (News and Investigations Division).
  • Lyle Raingoddo: He is the former Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Military's 3rd Division (Tactic and Strategies Division) after being supposely killed after the Battle at the Forbidden Desert.
  • Tatsuki Orochi: She is the sister to the king of the Orochi Clan and the Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Military's 5th Division (Stealth Force Division).
  • Jūshirō Nishimura: The Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Military's 6th Division (Research and Development Division). He opens the Crafting System for Andre and Company to use, while giving him advice.
  • Ritz Kobayashi: The Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Military's 9th Division (The Medical/supply division).
  • Māshu Shimura: The Former Commander General of the Tsukuyomi Military's 1st Division, before defecting to the Amaterasu Empire when his plans to overtake the Tsukuyomi Empire and become God-Emperor. He is now the sixth Judge Master of the Amaterasu Empire.
  • Emperor Ninigi Mikoto: He is a storyline boss and the secondary main antagonists of Warriors Episode I. Emperor Ninigi is leader of the Amaterasu Empire and his main goal is rule everything, or does he have some type of other agenda.
  • Mikaboshi-Amatsu: He is the primary antagonist of Warriors Episode I & II. He is the fallen god of evil and of the stars, specifically the pole star that was defeated by the Great Sage 2000 years before the current storyline. He is the mastermind of the Elite Demon Army and main reason of all the pain and suffering in the world. His main goal is to return everything to darkness.
  • Hitoke Yamatai: She is a antagonists of Warriors Episode I and the leader of the infamous Onmyoji Clan.



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