The Occuria (オキューリア Okyūria) in Warriors Episode I & II are powerful beings created by the Great Sage himself that are sealed within a weapon or a crystal. When released from their seal, the Occuria are human sized, living forms of energy, giving them power that far outmatches most humans and demons.


While the Celestial Crystals are all females, the Occuria are apparently genderless, though they possess masculine titles.

Celestial Elemental CrystalsEdit

Main article: Celestial Crystals

They are all female Occuria that are sealed within a crystal corresponding to their element. While sealed within their crystal stasis, their powers can increase its user’s power level or cause natural disasters to those who have the crystals in their possession.

Celestial WeaponsEdit

Main article: Celestial Weapons

Occuria that are sealed within a weapon and when released appear in shadowy forms corresponding to their current users appearance.

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